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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Easy Peasy

OK, so I am completely addicted to LTK patterns right now! There's a lot of items I'd like to knit for Altu─č for winter, and I'm starting with the Easy Peasy cardigan. The yarn I had on-hand, which was originally destined to be a Starburst sweater, was DK weight, so I doubled it and am following the rest of the pattern as written. It's a very pleasant knit, a nice change from the semi-complicated patterns I usually use.

The good thing is, I also have Devon's Bonnet and Booties (another LTK pattern, surprise!) on deck, and plan to do it in the same yarn. This patterns actually calls for DK weight.

I really like how the fabric is coming-out. Since the yarn was doubled, it's nice and thick - it almost feels and looks crocheted. Cozy! I can't wait to see it on DS. I'd also like to embellish it, but I'm not sure how or with what. I have no yarn embroidery experience, and I don't want to hurt my Easy Peasy after I've put so much work in! We'll see...


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