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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mindful Crafting...

In the interest of running my home in a manner which is more mindful of our family's ecological footprint, I've knit a cover for my Swiffer :

I did it using plain ol' kitchen cotton and hakucho's Ball Band Mop Cover pattern with alterations to make it a little bigger for a swiffer wetjet. I love it, though I'm not crazy about the idea of making another because the process of knitting this bored me to tears. *lol* Oh, well. I do really like the finished product, though it may not show-up nicely since I just squished it in my scanner for a pic...

Here's the other side:


Blogger hakucho said...

I love the color combo...too pretty to clean floors with! I would love to have a picture of your mop cover for my gallery.
Email me the photo(s) you would like me to use and I would be very
grateful :)

happy knitting :)

6:54 AM


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