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Monday, January 23, 2006

Damn Scarf is Done!

Here's my Mom wearing her scarf! I finally finished it a week ago during my DS' birthday party. I wanted it to be longer, but Mom was happy with that length and tempted when I said "weeeelll if you want it today I'll cast-off while you're here..." (evil grin).

Now on to Candy (knitty pattern). Nursing school is officially in full swing, so I'm back to working on one thing at a time ... or as close to one thing at time as I get anyway. :)


Blogger C.Cheapskate said...

Beautiful! :-)

7:26 PM

Blogger Kate O. said...

Hello from the mothering boards!

I love the scarf. It looks great. :)

And your blog makes me giggle at all your cursing terminology. Glad I'm not the only who can't help saying crap and $#%#. :)

3:40 PM


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