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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Meet Bronty! He's a present for DS' easter basket. Isn't he adorable? He's not perfect ... but my seaming sucks, and besides - nobody's perfect! Bronty is no exception. He sure is cute though.

I used the xtreme knitting pattern found here. Good lord do I wish it were in the round. This guy was knitted flat and then stuffed and seamed (which took me forever, I hate seaming). I really wanted to do Mr. Stegs, but I don't know if I can handle all that seaming again...


Blogger A said...

your dino looks great! I'm glad you mentioned this pattern in your blog - I'm going to try these out! I hope I can stand to make at least two, but the seaming sounds awful.

7:32 AM

Blogger Vegan Knitting said...

Sppppp cute!!!!

8:02 PM

Blogger Vegan Knitting said...

Ooops, I meant Sooooo!

8:03 PM

Blogger knitsteel said...

Now that is one cute dinosaur. I've opted for plastic, but I know I should make some big pteranodon for my kids.

10:19 PM


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