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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Small Victory

This is the beginning of the shawl, held up to the light so you can make out the pattern.

I am finally making progress on this shawl, and I finally don't feel like I have a major frogging looming over my head. After I frogged the Ella pattern for the 6th time halfway through the 2nd section (that's alotta knittin, kitten), I lost all confidence in myself, all sanity, and found THE SIMPLEST lace-esque pattern I could find
right here baby. I know it looks hokey on those models, but if you use something other than Lion Brand Grandma yarn it actually looks very sophisticated. This is being knit-up in Peru DK Luxury - a merino/silk/alpaca blend. Just the thing for the Mother-in-Law. If only I could tell her when I finished how much trouble I went through to try and get something done for her. But, alas ... I don't speak Turkish.

One special side note ... I think our digi cam officially died! I took these pics using DH's webcam. A little creative lighting and you can get a decent pic.


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