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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bitchin Gloves

These are my BITCHIN GLOVES! I was working on my second pair when I decided that my pair would have buttons rather than laced ribbon. Then I found these star buttons I got a while back for a sweater I never finished for my DS. I think they're hot.

Here is the less spectacular pair I made for my twin sister for our birthday which is thursday. They look even less spectacular because I haven't laced them up yet, but I'm just so darn proud that I did something in one day. I went with a wine colour because I think it's classy and will go well with the pink ribbon my sis REQUIRES. Heh.

Did ya catch all that? I made a grey/black pair for my goth-freak sister, a roller derby pair for yours truly the salvo queen, and an understated girlie-girl pair for my old-navy-lover twin sis. Daaaaaaaaamn right.


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