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Monday, May 01, 2006

Take THAT, yarn!

[Stupid blogger photo thing isn't working. Insert pic of yarn ball being tortured here.]

I have frogged the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet three. goddamned. times. It's not a hard pattern. The yarn isn't thin, the needles aren't small, it's not on DPNs.

So, what's my problem?

My yarn is cursed. Ever have that? This has happened before, and I've been known to snip 10-20 yards off after frogging several times. And...voila! No more curse. An FO usually appears within a couple days.

I'm not snipping this yarn. I'm going to stick it in a box or a closet or something and make sure it thinks about what it's done. You're grounded.

So, while the cursed yarn is in time-out, I'm going to cast-on either the circular shrug @ la craftster (which is down for maintenance for the 854,326th time today) or this lovely wrap with sleeves in lilac. Mmmmmm...

[Later that day...]

I cast-on this GD wrap in suri dream by knitpicks, and now I'm questioning my sanity. Perhaps it is not the yarn that is cursed after all. It's ME! The gosh darn fisherman's rib is just killin me. I think I'll find another project for this yarn.


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