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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(Tessah's) Dress

Well, the plan was to knit DS a pair of socks - but then I realized our little neighbor is having her first birthday soon! She is so precious, I had to knit something for her. So here I am working on "Emma's Sundress" for her. Has to be done by Sept 16. I've had considerable trouble with the pattern, and after many posts on MDC and a couple emails back and forth with the author, I finally figured out the lace repeat! YAY! It's coming along nicely, though I'm concerned it will be too light for fall/winter wear. I was considering gifting it with a pink turtleneck and pink leggings underneath, or lining it with girlie fabric. Will lining it look weird?

Somebody on MDC wanted to know what my "knitting bag" looked like. Well, bein a busy Mama and nursing student, my knitting bag looks like this:


And lately, DS has this thing for falling asleep in weird spots on the floor. Like yesterday, he tore apart a filing cabinet (that Mama sacrificed for the sake of a little time to herself *blush*) and then fell asleep on the ruins:

Later that day, he just wanted to sleep on the livingroom floor:


Blogger C. said...

Ooo line it for sure! Do something girly like a light pink silky material. I think it would look fabulous! :)

12:29 PM


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