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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Didn't Disappear!

Really! I've been working A LOT. Also, DS broke my network card a while back and sitting on the couch to surf just isn't happening 'til that's fixed. The circle shrug is finally complete! I actually had enough yarn in my stash and used up a total of 7 balls of WOTA (I think it was WOTA). Great stash-busting. Pics coming soon...maybe. It's HOT and I don't even want to LOOK at anything bulkier than a camisole.

Now I'm working on a sweater vest for DS from the Cozy in Cables Sweater Vest. It's looking pretty good so far, though I made a blunder on the margin of the seed stitch on one side (guess that side will be the back!) - it's supposed to be the knit stitch all the way up, but I have been doing it in seed stitch on one side. Oops. I really like the pattern, it knits up quick and looks really cute. I may do another one in a different color.

On a similar note, knitting a sweater vest when it's 95 degrees out is weird.


Blogger Helen said...

Ooh, that's pretty- but don't tease. I want to see the circle shrug!

9:01 PM


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