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Friday, January 26, 2007

No More MIA - Here's a WIP and an FO!

Well, my digi cam broke, so there was no sense in posting. However, it dawned on me today that I can use my scanner to get pics of my WIPs and FOs (well, the small ones at least!).

Here's a pair of mittens I did for DS - how cute are they?? They match a ribbed beanie I did for a him a while back. The pen is there so you get an idea of scale - they're so small!

I'm currently working on some legwarmers for myself! I'm using this pattern. Despite my aversion to Berocco patterns (they usually aren't worthy of flushing in the toilet), this one's kinda cute. *ducks* I'm not doing any colorwork, my yarn is pretty durn colorful itself. I'm enjoying the simple knit...


Blogger Megan said...

those are going to look all argyle-ish!

6:32 PM


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